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Collaborative col·lab·o·ra·tive    kəˈlab(ə)rədiv

adjective; produced or conducted by two or more parties working together



Welcome to Texas Regional Staffing, where we WORK for you.  We are not a just temporary agency we are creating business relationships by offering personalized experiences to both our associates and our clients. 


Our mission is to build long lasting partnerships while developing new ones.


Texas Regional Staffing VALUE good work ethic and BELIEVE that if we treat our associates great, our associates will treat their employers greater.


Texas Regional Staffing offers a wide range of opportunities to both job seekers and employers.  Our staff is DEDICATED to matching the ideal job candidate to business needs.


Our talented staff has over 30 years of experience combined in the customer service industry.  


We understand that TIME is important so we are COMMITTED to connecting the right associates to the right client. UNDERSTANDING the employer’s needs will help us identify which candidate(s) are right for the position.


Texas Staffing Agency would like to provide you quality associates, so not only do we provide background and drug screening, we also have developed a creative system to help insure the right professional for the right position.



What We Provide

Texas Regional Staffing offers a wide range of opportunities for Job Seekers and Employers.

Efficiency is what we pride ourselves on when connecting Job Seekers and Employers
Accessibility is key to Texas Regional Staffing, we are available 24 hours a day for Job Seekers and Employers 
Motivating our internal and external staff members is very important. We make sure to show our appreciation to Job Seekers and Employers
Win-Win Attitude, we at Texas Staffing Agency believe everyone should be happy with the result, while we understand that is not always the case, we will do our best to accommodate our Job Seekers and Employers
Originality is how we differ from other agencies. We pride ourselves on building relationships, not transactions for Job Seekers and Employers
Recognition shown to our partners is key to building trust and appreciation for Job Seekers and Employers

Knowledge, understanding and communicating the needs of the Job seeker and Employer





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Texas Regional Staffing

1000 Cypress Creek Pkwy Suite 205 C

Houston, Tx  77090

Phone: 832-965-5711 832-965-5711

E-mail: michael.allen@texasregionalstaffing.org

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